Monday Inspiration

What goes on in your mind when you wake up in the morning? What do you think when you're training? The conversation you have with yourself has a big impact on your life and it's something you can control.

Robin Sharma suggests creating a positive habit to start off your morning... using a daily affirmation, reading something stimulating or listening to energizing music.

In training, elite athletes use affirmations and visualization to prepare for the demands of a race. I'm no elite, but I pulled a few affirmations out of my pocket during the final 5 km stretch of this year's National Duathlon Championships (One of them: "This is what you trained for!"). I also regularly visualize the race course when I'm biking on my indoor trainer. It helps me hit my training targets -- and beat the occasional moment of boredom.

Ignition Fitness athlete Lauren Dyck recently penned a fantastic blog post about mental strength and how she prepares for a race. It reminded me to visualize smooth, fluid form in running and cycling. Until I read her blog, I was visualizing the race and the environment around me, but not my form.

Over at iRun magazine, they've profiled elite triathlete Lionel Saunders and shared tips for creating a race day plan and working visualization into your training. That includes preparing oneself for the negative thoughts that can creep into one's mind during the event.

Have a great week!