Monday Inspiration

As I was out of country last Monday, I thought it fitting to share some pictures and training observations from my trip.

This beautiful landscape is the southern part of Bermuda, where we travelled for a mini-vacation.

What I needed out of this extended long weekend was an opportunity to disconnect, set aside my agenda of meetings and commitments, and simply float along through each day. Float I did, through the trip and in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic.

Now that the vacation is over, here is what I'm doing to re-capture the magic back at home:

Inspiring and refreshing surroundings. Of course, while many of us residents of northern countries have a love affair with any tropical landscape, we've got beauty all around us. I often run through Toronto's ravine system. Next time I do, I'm going to run my usual route backwards, to observe it all from a different angle.

Southlands Park. Check out those trees.

Getting lost. Bermuda is a small island, so I wasn't truly lost. But I can safely say that on several occasions, I wasn't quite sure were I was located. It was also a novel experience running along winding roads, with no sidewalks, where cars drive on the left-hand side. It gets you out of your comfort zone. I've tried this one at home before, by putting on my running shoes, pointing myself to new neighbourhoods and seeing where I end up.

Tribe Road No. 1 (AKA Billy Goat Hill). 
I didn't climb it this trip, which gives me a goal for next time.

No technology. My Garmin seemed a little temperamental one day, when I needed (wanted) to do 30 second race pace sprints. After a brief period of annoyance, I actually felt freed to just run. This is an easy experience to replicate: leave the GPS unit at home!

Stopping. Yes, my partner and I actually stopped several times during our runs, for photos, to look at the flowers and to check out some of the sights. Then we kept on going, running stronger and longer than originally planned. Back in Canada, I'd compare it to 10 and 1 training, ten minutes running and one minute walking.

So those are my tips for recreating your vacation running experience back at home. Enjoy your week.