Fruit & Vegetable Recovery Smoothie

All season long, I've been playing around with combinations of fruits and vegetables, creating recovery smoothies. I think I've finally found one to share.

I usually have my smoothie a good couple hours after my workout or race. It is the third step in my recovery formula, following my other post-exercise drink, Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator, as well as a meal with lots of carbs and protein. I use the smoothie as a method to quickly ingest a variety of high quality, colourful fruits and vegetables and the nutrients they offer.

Here's what's in this smoothie:
- half a red beet
- three or four leaves of organic kale
- fresh organic blackberries
- frozen pineapple (I freeze sliced rings from a can)
- some organic baby carrots
- coconut water
- teaspoon of cinnamon
- teaspoon of glutamine
- half-teaspoon of turmeric

Into my Ninja blender go these ingredients, pulsing and blending until they are somewhat smooth.

Note 1: Because I don't have an industrial strength blender, the vegetables never reach the texture of, say, a Starbucks Frappuccino. In other words, there will still be tiny bits of leaves in the drink.

Note 2: These smoothies aren't particularly sweet or creamy. They won't taste like a dessert flavoured protein shake.

Depending on what else I have on hand, I may throw in some broccoli florets, baby spinach, other fresh berries, a frozen banana or different fresh fruit. Likewise, I may add chia or flax seeds, if I've got them, or some unflavoured protein powder or Greek yogurt. No matter the day, the one non-negotiable ingredient in any smoothie is some type of dark green vegetable.

These drinks feel like good health in a glass. Taken together, the ingredients add up to an antioxidant and immuno-boosting powerhouse. You can really feel the difference they make in your energy levels and strength. Enjoy!