Week 6: A slight setback

So for the past couple of weeks, I've let my training fall off.

Two weeks ago, a couple of work-related projects heated up, which meant I focused almost all of my free time on completing them.  I went to the office early each day and stayed late, skipping some of my evening workouts.  I completely fell out of my routine, to the extent that I didn't plan my meals and get groceries, and so I ate lots of takeout and my diet suffered.

That makes for a risky combination: a sudden increase in stress accompanied by a drop in exercise and a less healthy diet.  Perhaps it's no surprise that the following week, I got sick.

When I look back at the first several weeks of training in 2015, I see this is the second time I've suffered a setback.  Time to get back into it.

While I don't yet feel 100 per cent, today I ventured down to the gym in our condo building to test out my strength with some weights, core training and a little time on the treadmill.  I survived, so my plan for tomorrow is to get on my bike and back into my program.

One of my favourite ways to re-ignite my motivation and deal with a setback is to revise my race calendar.

My first race of the season, the Harry Rosen Spring Run-off, is just seven weeks away.  Hard to imagine it being so close when the wind is howling outside and a cold weather alert encompasses most of southern Ontario.

Meanwhile, I've got another 24 potential events on the calendar that I'll need to whittle down to a manageable number...  and then there are the fun runs to fit in like Colour me Rad and the Night Race.

And just like that, my mind is off the setback and onto the season ahead.  Onward and upward!