Toronto Pan Am Games

The 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games: what a tremendous experience for our city.

Rather than post a typical blog today, I'm sharing we took during our visits to the games.  It was absolute #PANAMANIA out there when you get into the spirit of it.  The sheer strength, speed and athleticism of these athletes is breathtaking.

Opening Ceremonies
Pictures won't do it justice - especially since we sat way up in the rafters.  But despite our atmospheric perch, the show was still a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

Look at all of those Canadians!

 Cirque du Soleil, one of Canada's best-known cultural exports.

Sports and Attractions
We took in rugby 7s both women and men playing at different times.  The next day, I watched my multisport "cousins" compete in triathlon.  We also visited the various pavilions at the Pan Am Park and the Celebrate Ontario zone.

Canadian men's rugby dominating their first match.

Canadian women's rugby won both their first and second matches. 

 Patchi rock climbing at the Celebrate Ontario Zone.

Leaving wishes for the athletes. 

 Powering miniature cars through cycling wattage at the Chevrolet pavilion, in the process.

Parapan Am Games are equally present at the CIBC Team Next display. 


These men maintained a speedy pace in the water.

Flying in packs at 40 km/hr

Mexico victorious.

Beach Volleyball

 Visible in the distance is a volunteer shooting spectators with a water gun.


Indoor Volleyball

Argentina beating the U.S. in three straight sets.

Panamania at Nathan Phillips Square 


 Cuba eventually beat Peru in a sprint to the finish.

Tribe Fitness cheer station.

 Canadians Ian Millar and Eric Lamaze in action