A jolly good time

Sometimes, you've just got to shake off the competitive spirit and let loose.  

Today, Rob, his brother Rick and I traded in that competitive spirit for the Christmas spirit for the Holly Jolly Fun Run.  Ever heard of it?  It's a 5 km run along the route of Toronto's Santa Claus Parade, just before the parade itself gets started.  So much fun!

Shivering a little and waiting for the race to start with Rick and Rob. 

The race course is nearly all downhill, which means it's practically begging for a PB.  But then how would you have time to high five all the kids along the route?  No, in the end, today wasn't about hitting a sub-18 5 km, much as I was itching to go for it.  It was about soaking up the Christmas spirit.

This is the first time I've ran alongside people dressed as Santas and elves, with others adorned with Christmas ornaments and bells or wearing winter onesies.  It was like being a big kid.  

I've got one other annual race - the Pride Run - that I treat as an opportunity to kick back, dress up and have some fun, without regard for pace, GPS or standings.  Events like these help us refresh and rediscover the simple joy of running.  

The three of us unanimously agreed: we'll be back for more at next year's Holly Jolly Fun Run.  And now, time to start looking for costumes...