Canadian National Duathlon Championships

Great news in the world of duathlon: the location of the national championships was announced yesterday. In 2014, they will again take place in the heart of Toronto, reports Triathlon Magazine Canada.

On July 13, 2014, the Toronto Triathlon Festival plays host to an Olympic (international) distance duathlon, which is the distance I'm training toward this season: 10 km run, 40 km bike, 5 km run. The race is based at the waterfront, near Ontario Place. The runs head west along the paved waterfront trail which is largely flat - with the exception of one sizeable but relatively gradual hill. The bike course is my absolute favourite. Cyclists take over the Gardiner Expressway and northbound lanes of the Don Valley Parkway, in the process, seeing the city from a familiar yet slower vantage point. I raced on this course in 2012 and loved it.

In 2012, I learned three lessons. First, don't go on a relaxing, two-week Italian vacation and expect to come back in peak fitness. (Though to be fair to myself, entering this race was a last minute decision.) Second, build up your cycling strength. The rolling hills and wind can sneak up on you and drain your strength. Third, drink lots on the bike, as this course can be HOT and it's easy to get dehydrated.

As the Canadian championships, this race is also a qualifier for the World Age-Group Championships, taking place in Adelaide, Australia, in October 2015. There are 10 qualifying spots up for grabs per age group. I scraped into qualifying for the 2013 worlds and this year, my goal is to firmly qualify, whether or not I actually choose to travel to Australia. With that goal in mind, I'm excited to put my Ignition Fitness training to the test.