Monday Inspiration

A week or so ago, a colleague shared this article entitled "6 Ways Pushing Past your Comfort Zone is Critical to Success."  I saved it in my inbox, planning to read it later that afternoon, only to have it sink beneath my preview pane and disappear, until today.

I try to start off my Mondays by reading something inspirational and encouraging, so I thought it a positive sign that I rediscovered the email this morning.  Perhaps it's no surprise that the article includes a brief anecdote about the author running a marathon, because the benefits of breaking outside of the ordinary aren't limited to the workplace.

With that in mind, my one small critique is that to me, the title implies the article contains a checklist of six steps to success.  I wish Forbes had entitled the article, "6 Benefits of Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone," because the outcomes of getting outside your boundaries are much broader than a path to something called "success."  They're really about being an empowered person better in control of yourself and your destiny.

Enjoy your week.