Monday Motivation: Reclaiming 1,300 Minutes Each Week

I think there needs to be a fourth discipline for the avid duathlete.  In addition to running, cycling and transition, there is time management.  How else does one fit in so much training, eating, sleeping, racing, work and family time?  

Like most multisport athletes, that's a challenge I face.  With support and ideas from coach Roger, I've managed to adjust my schedule several times over the season, always with the goal of fitting more in, without sacrifing non-negotiables like sleep.

Last weekend, I came across this article, entitled "How to reclaim more than 1,300 minutes each week."  We're all familiar with financial budgeting (how else would we pay for all the aero goodies so common to our sport?) and this piece introduces the concept of time budgeting, complete with a template.

Check it out, set your budget and let me know what your audit reveals.